The blood I bleed
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"A mind too active is no mind at all."

Gustav KlimtFischblut 1898

Lovers: The Bec Auer / Marcel Duchamp / 1968 / etching


me flirting: so… do u believe in aliens??

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"I go through phases. Somedays I feel like the person I’m supposed to be, and then somedays, I turn into no one at all. There is both me and my silhouette. I hope that on the days you find me and all I am are darkened lines, you still are willing to be near me."
"Some days in late August at home are like this, the air thin and eager like this, with something in it sad and nostalgic and familiar…"

Alice HJ aka Mono Finger aka Garakyi (Seoul, Korea, Republic of) - Boil, 2013